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"Having trained as a Masterson Method bodyworker, I was coming across many physical and emotional issues due to poor saddle fit.

I was looking for a saddle fitting course which complimented the whole horse ethos by investigating the anatomy, biomechanics and behaviour of the horse, happily Horse First offered the depth of learning I was looking for.

The course is thorough, encouraging you to become the detective and analyse how the fit of the saddle is affecting the horse in mind & body.

This course is perfect for those serious about learning correct saddle fit with the horse’s health and happiness always coming first.

The theory and anatomy sessions provide a great foundation for the practical saddle fitting consultations, the course is good fun and there’s nothing more rewarding than the comfort of the horse you have just fitted for.

Thea is a great support and I highly recommend the course above any other."

~ Hannah Jones MMCP

"I would highly recommend the LANTRA Remedial Saddle fitting course, it gives thorough training on all areas from horse biomechanics to saddle manufacture and how to fit saddles correctly to ensure the horse can develop correctly and perform to their optimum.
It is the most in-depth training available in the UK and sets you up well for setting up a business afterwards.
I set up ‘Deva Saddle Fitting’ once I had qualified, I have built up the business over the last 18 months, I now do on average 8-10 saddle fit consultations per week. Which fits in perfectly around me looking after my family and riding my own horses."
~ Juliet Hart
Deva Saddle Fitting‘

"As a professional equine therapist, I chose the Horse 1st Saddle fitting course to train with because I persistently kept seeing horses with saddle implicated problems. I wanted to learn more about how saddle fitting could take into account a horse’s injuries and asymmetry, whilst fitting a comfortable saddle for both horse and rider.  The implications of saddle fitting were explored in depth, both in theory and practice. This course enhanced my knowledge, which in turn has benefited my clients."


"I had been using a remedial saddle fitter for a few years as a client and was impressed with the change in my horses. Their backs, behaviour and performace improved visibly.

So I decided to enroll myself onto the Horse 1st remedial saddle fitting course on the recommendation of my saddle fitter.

I was really impressed with the depth of knowledge taught and also the approach to looking at the saddle fitting situation from a "horse first" perspective instead of trying to sell saddles.

I enjoyed the practical sessions watching and making a difference to the horse and rider during the session itself.

Since qualifying, I have gone on to work as a remedial saddle fitter and enjoy all the horses and riders I get to help on a regular basis.

I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Horse 1st's remedial saddle fitting course if you are looking to become a saddle fitter."

~ Caroline M.

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